Kids and Reading Glasses

Reading is a task being taught at younger ages than ever before.  If done for long periods of time, it becomes a task of confinement and stress for children.  Whichever method or strategy the teacher uses for the beginning reader, the child has to maintain a still body, a still head and accurate focusing of the eyes.  For many school aged kids, the physical task creates stress in the body and eyes.  As a result of being contained and having to sustain focus on nearby visual symbols, the body enters into a mode telling the child, “let’s get out of here”.  When the children aren’t developmentally prepared for reading, this challenge is enough to make them avoid reading all together or create adverse visual consequences.

Fortunately, there are certain lenses that can lower the stress of the reading task to make it easier for the young learners.  Contrary to most glasses prescriptions, these type of reading glasses aren’t designed simply to make a blurry image clear again.  It is an outdated approach to limit the power of lenses to this benefit alone.  These lenses – often called performance or stress relieving lenses – will reduce the chances of entering into a “flight” mode from the confining desk work required.  They will often reduce the physical and visual stress that is accompanied by desk work and reading.