Our Vision Therapy Programs

The type, length and quality of any vision therapy program can vary widely from office to office.  At our clinic, we put all our efforts into designing high quality vision therapy programs for each of our patients.  This is what we do all day long.  We make vision therapy challenging, we customize it to the patient’s skill level, and lastly, we try to have fun!  Some of the frequently asked questions about our service are below.


How often do we need to go to vision therapy?

Most of our patients come in for an hour long vision therapy session each week.

Do parents need to be present during the therapy session? 

During the first session, we require a parent to be in the room while the therapy is performed.  During subsequent visits, we work with the child patient one-on-one without the parent for about 45 minutes. About 10-15 minutes before the hour visit is finished, we meet with the parent to show them the home activities assigned for the next week.

Are home vision therapy activities included in the program? 

Yes!  We require home vision activities to be performed for about 20 minutes, 5 times per week.

How long does vision therapy last? 

The length of vision therapy treatment varies based on the visual condition, age, motivation and consistency.  Typically we expect vision therapy to last between 6-12 months.  For children under 5, this can often be considerably shorter.