Vision Therapy

It is commonly thought that vision therapy is for children only; however the research and decades of experience from optometrists have proven otherwise.  In the following video, a colleague, Dr. John Abbondanza explains the general concepts of vision therapy, who might need it and why.

Patients of all ages can benefit and some of the common conditions that we treat with vision therapy include the following:

Binocular Vision Disorders


Eye Focusing and Eye Movement Disorders

  • Ocular Motor Dysfunction
  • Saccadic Dysfunction
  • Pursuit Dysfunction
  • Accommodative Dysfunction
  • Accommodative Insufficiency
  • Accommodative Excess
  • Accommodative Infacility

Visual Processing/Perceptual Dysfunction

  • Double Vision
  • Visual Suppression
  • Letter/Word Reversal Problems
  • Visual Spatial Problems
  • Eye-Hand Coordination Problems