Are You Living With, Or Worried About, A Child Struggling In School?

By Leading Washington Vision Specialist



Have you been told your child is behind in reading or that they might have dyslexia?  Do they have trouble concentrating, or have attention deficits? 


If you answered “YES” to any of these questions, and you’ve witnessed a child having trouble keeping up in school for longer than a few months, please request one (or both) FREE reports below. 


One of the reports is about READING, and the other is about ATTENTION PROBLEMS.

Simply reading these could start you on a path which could end up saving years of frustration for your child, not to mention for you as a parent or grandparent. 

My name is Dr. Peter Charron and I’m a Neuro-Optometrist who specializes in helping people age 5 and older find natural and long-lasting solutions for vision problems that interfere with learning, concentration, and reading.

My reasons for writing these special reports are clear and simple: to help people in our region make a better, more educated and informed decision about their child’s future.  

The reports below will give you simple to follow tips that anyone could begin implementing immediately.  We want you to get helpful solutions that your child needs to blossom in school and to reach their learning potential.  If you haven't found all the answers yet, don't give up searching!

***WHAT TO DO NOW?  Take a look below at these two reports.  If you notice these problems with the child, then simply ask us for a report by calling 360 393 4479 or going to

Request the EYE CAN READ Report if you know a child who...

  • Is not reading, writing or performing to their potential in school

  • Can't seem to get through more than 5-10 minutes of near work (i.e. reading, writing, paper work) without getting tired/sleepy/exhausted

  • Has to read a page several times to comprehend it 

  • Reads well if the sentence is alone on the page, but gets overwhelmed by lines and lines of print grouped together

  • Skips over words, lines, or reads the same lines twice

  • Gets lost in books, or needs to use their finger to lead their eyes through the text

  • Complains of headaches, blurry vision, or double vision with reading

  • Tells you they see the words on the page move, 'dance' or swim around

  • Assumes strange postures when reading like turning/tilting the head, closing one eye, or moving too close to the page

Request the EYE CAN FOCUS E Report if you have a child who...

  • Is not reading, writing or performing to their potential in school

  • Is acting up/fighting you or the teachers because of school work

  • Comes homes drained/exhausted at the end of the school day

  • Needs to touch everything in sight 

  • Seems to have "ants in the pants" 

  • Can't seem to get through more than 5-10 minutes of near work (i.e. reading, writing, paper work) without either getting tired or fed up.

  • Focus well on the things that interest them but "the ADHD appears during school work."

  • Doesn't read, write, or spell better, despite taking medication.

  • You don't want to put on medication yet. 

  • Has difficulty with throwing/kicking/catching a ball flying through the air. 

  • Bumps into objects, misses objects, or injures him/herself easily.

The reports will be especially helpful for those who have tried learning centers, tutoring, medications, extra help or other methods without as much success as hoped for. 


Request a free copy of either report today by calling (360) 393 4479

or visit this website where you can download the reports instantly.

To Your Child’s Future! Dr. Peter Charron

The author of this report, Dr. Peter Charron is one of the Washington’s leading optometrists – an expert on finding ways to treat vision disorders that cause trouble in school.
To Confirm: No one will ask you for money for anything else when you call this number: (360) 393 4479. You can leave a message any time or even text us. 

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